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Special Programs

Special Programs

Special Programs are offered as special incentives to get everyone out and active. When you sign up for a Special Program, you will receive a book, much like an event or distance book, in which you record the qualifying events. Use the links below to get all the specific information for each program.

If you know of a Special Program that should be listed, please email the webmaster here. Thanks.
Sacramento Walking Sticks Programs
Walking With Woody Walking With Woody patch This program is for anyone (member or not) who walks for credit and who wants to explore California. Take the initial of the city you are walking in (California only) and spell out "Sacramento Walking Sticks" to get the patch to the left. Send a check or money order for $10 payable to either "SWS" or "Sacramento Walking Sticks" and send it to:

Tammi Kerch
Attn: Sacramento Walking Sticks
2333 Coffeberry Road
West Sacramento CA 95691-4558

Include your name, address, e-mail address, and phone number along with your check.

The book you receive will have a complete listing of all the rules for this special program. For questions or more information contact Tammi Kerch at

Sticks Walk Stick's Walks Sticks Walk Stick's Walks book This program is for Sacramento Walking Sticks Members Only!
Cost: $0 for members who walk for credit. Participate for credit in 10 Sacramento Walking Sticks events and you will receive a "Stick's Buck" (a $3 coupon good for paying credit for any Sacramento Walking Sticks event). Get yours at our next event or Membership Meeting.
Runs indefinitely.

You're not a member and want in on the fun? Print and complete the Membership Application form from our Membership page.
Want to start walking for credit? Go to our Incentive Program page.
Doggie Do Walks

Email: Request Pin and Book
Doggie Do book This program is for Sacramento Walking Sticks Members Only!
Cost: $0 for members who walk for credit. Track your doggie's walks. There is space for 30 walks. Use the email link to the left to request your doggie's book and pin. Be sure to let us know what his/her name is so we can get the pin right!
Runs indefinitely.

You're not a member and want in on the fun? Print and complete the Membership Application form from our Membership page.
Want to start walking for credit? Go to our Incentive Program page.


Other Club Programs
Birds & Beasts Birds & Beasts Award This challenge requires you to walk in a town or by a named geographical site on the walk route that contains the name of a bird or a beast (insects and fish also count!). Twenty-four (24) events required. Examples of cities would be Troutdale, OR; Eagle Point, OR; Swansboro, NC; Beavercreek, OH; Lone Wolf, OK. Examples of named geographic sites are Donkey Creek Park (Gig Harbor, WA), Blackbird Island (Leavenworth, WA), Iron Horse Trail (North Bend, WA), Eagle Creek Park (Indianapolis, IN) Named sites include lakes, parks, ponds, mountains, rivers, etc. If an event passes by two qualifying geographical sites, you may imprint the stamp twice in the book (once for each site) if you walk the event twice. For example, the Cannon Beach year round event passes by Whale Park and Elk Park. So you could walk Cannon Beach event twice and stamp your Birds and Beasts book twice, once for each qualifying location. To participate in this challenge, obtain a record book by sending a check for $10 payable to the Turnaround Trekkers at this address: Turnaround Trekkers Volkssport Club, Attn: Birds & Beasts Challenge, P. O. Box 222, Hammond, OR 97121-0222. For questions or more information contact Debbie Brown @ 503-325-3863 or or Arline LaMear @ 503-338-6883 or Only 200 books will be sold.
Runs indefinitely
University Walkin' University Walkin' Award
  1. Purchase books for $10.00 by sending this completed application and payment to the address below. Please print legibly. Please make checks payable to: CC Beach Boardwalkers
  2. You must walk for Volksmarch credit and pay the appropriate fee.
  3. You can do any walk (YRE or Traditional) sanctioned by any club in the AVA Pacific Region, but the walk route must set foot on any college campus that offers a four-year degree. Community Colleges that offer a four-year degree DO qualify.
  4. An event may only be stamped in your book once per calendar year.
  5. Graduation Achievement Levels:
    • Magna Cum Laude - With High Honors: Any 15 qualifying walks
    • Summa Cum Laude - With Highest Honors: Any 15 qualifying walks, PLUS 1 Qualifying Walk in each state in the Pacific Region:California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii
  6. Program Award: Personalized Diploma and Metal bookmark with Tassel
  7. Book sales end on December 31, 2024. Redeem book by December 31, 2025.
  8. Note: This is not a national AVA Special Program. Submit your applications by mail to: Ginger Fredriks Attn: Central Coast Beach Boardwalkers 847 Blake Street, Santa Maria, CA 93455-4956, Phone: (805)714-1552, email:
Book sales end on 12/31/2024


IVV Americas Programs
Walk IVV Americas Walk IVV Americas Awards Each program book contains space for an IVV stamp from twenty (20) IVV events. Any sanctioned IVV event held anywhere in North, Central or South America, the Caribbean or South Pacific can be entered in this book. Complete your book and return it by postal mail to receive the Walk IVV-Americas patch and certificate.
Runs indefinitely.


AVA requires that sponsoring clubs honor returned special program books for one year after the book sales have ended! Some clubs honor returned books for even a longer period. Please contact the POC or the sponsoring club for information on how they will handle returned books.


American Volkssport Association Programs
50 States/51 Capitols 50 States/51 Capitols Award Walk our land and achieve the goal of walking in each state and/or each state capital. Special record books now available to chart your progress towards this goal.
Runs indefinitely.
Walking America, A to Z Walking America A to Z Award Walk 26 cities - A to Z. For example walk in Albany for A, Zanesville for Z, etc. The program will continue indefinitely as long as there is interest. Mail payment of $8 to purchase an event book. Once you have completed the event book you qualify to receive a beautiful patch. Note: X is a wildcard and can be a walk at any event that is not already marked for the program. Xenia, OH is still an option. Make a copy of your book prior to mailing the original to AVA Headquarters, Attn: A-Z Program, 1001 Pat Booker Road, Suite 101, Universal City, TX 78148-4147. Direct questions to
Runs indefinitely.
Youth Program - AVA Master Program Master Program Awards Team up and walk with a child or youth and your team will earn a special award.
Runs indefinitely.
Youth Program - Girl Scouts AVA Girl Scouts Award Find out more about the collaboration between the AVA and the Girl Scouts of the USA.
Runs yearly.
Email: Appalachian Trail Appalachian Trail Award The Appalachian National Scenic Trail is the famous hiking trail in the eastern United States from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine. The trail is roughly 3,500 km long and goes through 14 States. Walkers are required to hike/walk a section of the trail in each state. A qualifying AVA walk is one that goes on the AT or a blue-blazed trail for at least 4 km. An AVA walk will count for only one state; the sponsoring club will determine which one. Complete the 14 required events; Traditional, Seasonal, or YRE as indicated in the booklet. You must pay for each event. Each AVA stamp can only appear once in the book. Use of the On Line Start Box is approved. Due to the unique nature of this program, participants have space in the program book to add a picture, notes, and other local stamps such as the Park or AT Passport stamp. Book cost is $10. The patch is 4" x 6". Checks are payable to AVA National Headquarters, send to POC Susan Medlin, 12527 Fern Creek, San Antonio, Texas, 78253. Make checks payable to AVA. Please note on the check it is for "The Appalachian Trail SP". Submit completed books to the same address. The POC can be contacted at (210) 325-3523 or email
Book sales end on 12/31/2028
Email: Border Crossings Border Crossings Award This program includes a Passport as well as a patch. The participant must physically cross the border from one state to another while on a volkssport event. Walking, swimming, biking and cross-country ski events all count. Borders between counties do not count unless they are in different states. International borders will also count as long as they are part of an IVV event. This program covers a 10 year period, which is conducive to a regular US Passport. The objective is to encourage volksmarchers to have fun, finding those unique trails that have border crossings at State Lines, Canadian Provinces, and international borders. Every state has a border with another state or country with the only exception being Hawaii. The program will encourage clubs in different states to work together in setting up a border crossing event. This program requires you to purchase a passport booklet with more to do than just stamp the book. You will be asked to submit a photo of your border crossing and thus make it a personal mini photo album or you can keep notes to make it a mini journal of your adventures. Some may want to do the same border crossing on 15 different days. This will be allowed but make it fun by dressing up in different clothes, wear a different hat, carry a stuffed animal, toy, etc.; in each photo. Qualifier for 15 sanctioned events. Cost of book (passport) $10. Make check payable to Michigan Pathfinders and mail to: Don Vartanian, 6330 Woods Edge N Drive, #2-B, Indianapolis, IN 46250-3530. Patch: 3" x 4". Sponsored by the Michigan Pathfinders, email phone 317.842.1072.
Book sales end on 12/31/2023
Email: Airports Airports Award The program includes major Metropolitan and International Airports, smaller Regional Airports, Small Regional Airfields, and even Military Airfields if the walk criterion is met, but Heliports or Helipads do not count. The qualifier is meant to define that the walk must be near enough to see airport operations., The walk needs to be along a roadway or pathway adjacent to, abutting, or such similar terms to the Airport property line. Cost of book is $10. Qualifier is 12 different AVA sanctioned events (Same walk/different year = different walk event.) Patch is 3 ½ x 4 1/2” multicolored embroidered patch. Make checks payable to Seneca Sugar Loafers, P.O. Box 3716, Gaithersburg, MD 20885-3716, phone: 301-540-0466.
Book sales end on 12/31/2022
Email: Mayflower 400th Anniversary Walk Mayflower Award This program ties into Plymouth, MA, with its iconic Mayflower, site of a large 400th Anniversary in 2020, with events leading up to it and celebrated throughout the country. It also ties into the pilgrim story and Native Americans. Qualifiers may include an Indian Museum or statue (any tribe) on route, a full list of surnames of Mayflower Passengers, will be sent out with the booklet. Examples include: Mayflower, Cape Cod, Thanksgiving (any walk done on that day), Surnames: Brewster, Rogers and many more. Walkers are encouraged to walk in Plymouth or by a Mayflower Hotel, or street, monument or sign with some connection will qualify. Passing a Mayflower moving truck or a Plymouth car do not qualify but a building with Mayflower or Plymouth name on it will qualify.Cost of book is $10. Qualifier of 12 sanctioned events(one time per event per year). Patch is 4 X 4” embroidered of the Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor, MA. Make checks payable to Twin State Volkssport Asso. Order books from Carolyn Adams, 23 Terry Hill Rd, South Ryegate VT 05069, phone: 802-757-2500.
Book sales end on 12/31/2022
Snail Mail:
Maumee Valley Volkssporters
Vivian Lijewski
4710 Glendale Ave., Suite 201
Toledo, OH 43614
Rockin' Around The Clock Award This program is intended to challenge participants to find public clocks while out enjoying volkssporting events. A clock tower is a tower specifically built with one or more clock faces. Clock towers can be either freestanding or part of a church or municipal building such as a town hall. Astronomical clocks that show astronomical information, as well as the time, can be so classified. Town clocks or Public clocks are intended to be seen and of use by the general public in town squares, plazas, city halls, courthouses, train and bus stations, parks and more. Qualifiers are 24 different AVA sanctioned events that include a public clock, clock & repair shop (if clocks are the primary business) or clock museum. Only one use of the IVV Stamp is allowed for each qualifier per year. Non qualifiers: garden sundials, no billboard advertising sign count, clocks in other museums other than a clock museum, clocks inside buildings or seen through windows do NOT qualify unless the clock or clocks are the primary focus of the building or the clock has particular special or historical significance. Make note of the style of clock and/or where the clock is located. EX: St Peter’s Church, tower or Bryan Town Square or Daily News Building, etc. Cost of book is $10. Patch is 3 X 4 “ patch depicting a variety of public clocks. Make checks to Maumee Valley Volkssporters. Order the books from POC: Vivian Lijewski, 4710 Glendale Ave. Suite 201, Toledo OH 43614. Phone - 419-385-3904
Book sales end on 12/31/2022
Email: Carousels Across America Carousels Across America Award Honor a much loved form of entertainment in the United States. Each state has at least one carousel. Any sanctioned YRE or Traditional event passing a carousel in the U.S. qualifies. Entries per event are unlimited, but a start card must be completed and carried for each. This program is not retroactive. The patch is an embroidered, multi-colored 4"X2 1/4" depicting three colorful carousel horses of varying sizes. Qualifier is the completion of 15 sanctioned events passing a carousel. Cost of books is $10. Order your book Albany Fitwalkers Volkssporting Club, PO Box 1218, Albany, OR 97321. POC: Don Reed Email: or 541-974-5780.
Book sales end on 12/31/2021
Email: Little Free Libraries Little Free Libraries Award No retroactive entries will be accepted. Little Free Libraries can be found throughout the US, Canada and many countries around the world. Complete 20 AVA sanctioned walks that include a Registered Little Free Library. Registered LFL's have an official charter sign and charter number which will be the qualifier. Unregistered LFL's will not count and only one LFL may be used per walk even if there is more than one on the route. One entry per calendar year is permitted for YRE and Seasonal events. Patch is a 4"X4" multi-color picturing three children enjoying books while sitting beneath a Little Free Library. Cost of books is $10. Qualifier for 20 sanctioned events. Order your book from Deb Gaskins, PO Box 110, Des Moines, IA 50301-0110. Make check payable to Greater Des Moines Volkssport Association (GDMVA). Email phone 515-238-2486.
Book sales end on 12/31/2021
Email: Walk Like An Olympian Walk Like An Olympian Award Walkers can achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold levels. Ten walks in cities where the Olympics have been held or in American cities with the same names as Olympic hosts will earn walkers the Bronze level, 15 for the Silver and 20 events for the Gold. The patch has places for all three "medals" so go for the gold! There have been 44 host cities around the world since the beginning of the modern Olympic Games in 1896 through the completion of this program in 2021. Examples: Athens, Innsbruck, Lake Placed, Los Angeles, Paris and St Moritz. There are plenty of opportunities in America such as Atlanta, GA, Lake Placid, NY, Los Angeles, CA, St Louis, MO and Salt Lake City, UT. Walks are also listed in AL & GA (Athens), ID (Moscow), and Vancouver, WA. Qualifiers for all levels must be on sanctioned events. An event may be used two times per year. Book cost is $10. The patch is 3" x 4". Checks are payable to South Bay Striders. POC is Suzi Glass, 5562 Vassar Dr, San Jose, CA 95118. (408) 592-3935 or email
Book sales end on 12/31/2020
Ice Cream Parlors Ice Cream Parlors Award Ice cream parlors have been essential in America's social and cultural history. Participants will enjoy a sense of nostalgia as they reacall being teenagers and meeting friends after school at the local ice cream parlor, sitting in their favorite booth or at the counter to have ice cream, frappes, floats, or sodas. Adults will remember their parents or grandparents taking them for ice cream and can now take their own children or grandchildren. All participants are encouraged to reminisce or make new memories as they go by their local ice cream parlor or as they venture to new locations. A colorful, 3" x 4" fully embroidered patch of a 3-scoop decadent banana split sundae on a shiny metal table under a typical ice cream parlor awning. The cost of the book will be $10. Books can be purchased from Mary Frink, Walk 'n Mass Volkssport Club, 38 Carter St #205, Everett, MA 02149. For more informaiton contact 617-387-1577 or
Book sales end on 12/31/2019
Email: Underground Railroad Underground Railroad Award The Underground Railroad was an important part of American history. This program will help all to recognize the bravery of those who rode it to freedom. Prior to 1860, America captured and enslaved about four million Black people from Africa. America was built on this enslaved labor, performing the difficult labor of the plantations across the South and slave-traders saw an opportunity to make a great deal of money buying and selling slaves. From the beginning, slaves tried to escape from the owners but attempting to escape or helping someone to escape was dangerous and could end in severe punishment or death. The Underground Railroad is the name for the secret route fugitves took to escape to freedom. It was not a real railroad, but rather a series of safe hiding places called "stations", those who helped the fugitives travel to one station were called "railroad workers" and those who helped the fugitives get food and places to sleep were known as "station masters". The 3.5" x 4" patch depicts a picture of an authentic auction block that was used during the slavery days. According to US History the Underground Railroad spanned 29 states. Fifteen walks are needed to qualify for the patch. Each walk must be a sanctioned AVA walk passing by a museum, historical site, or historical marker that is in connection to the Underground Railroad. The cost of the book is $10. Book can be purchased from Frances Taylor, Derby City Walkers, 7836 Royalty Ave, Apt B, Louisville, KY 40222. For more information contact 502-494-3594 or
Book sales end on 12/31/2019
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