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Procedures and Instructions
Procedure/Instruction Page Last Updated Description
Expense Report Instructions 29-Jul-2018 How to complete an Expense Report.
Income Report - Generic - Instructions 14-Nov-2014 How to complete the Generic Income Report.
Income Report - Muli-Event - Instructions 17-Sep-2015 How to complete the Muli-Event Income Report.
Income Report - YRE - Instructions 27-Feb-2018 How to complete a Year Round Income Report.
Membership Page 12-Sep-2015 How to complete the Membership Application form and join the club.
YRE Procedures 16-Sep-2015 Instructions for POCs on how to run a Year Round Event.
Form Last Updated Description
1 Page Handout 30-Sep-2010 Single sided handout about SWS. No need to fold, but has no membership applicaiton.
ESR Template 09-May-2011 Use this Word doc to prepare for submitting an ESR on the AVA website by filling in the right-hand column for all the fields. Then you only need to copy and paste to create a fully completed ESR.
Expense Report 29-Jul-2018 Use to report/claim club expenses.
Income Report 14-Nov-2014 Used to report income to the Treasurer along with the money.
Income Report - Multiple Events 17-Sep-2015 Used to report income from up to 4 events to the Treasurer along with the money.
Income Report - YRE 27-Feb-2018 Use for reporting income from a Year Round Event. Print in landscape mode and cut the printed page in half to make 2 forms and save paper.
Insurance Certificate - 2018 29-Nov-2017 Insurance Certificate provided by AVA. A copy should be at all 2018 traditional events.
Membership Application 04-Jan-2012 Membership Application form.
One-Column Walk Directions 12-Mar-2012 Use this Word doc for the first draft of the text portion of Walk Directions, please. Use of other formats wreaks havoc with our normal process of creating the final version of any Walk Directions.
Registration Log 30-Dec-2008 Used in the binder. The binder should have several empty pages at any given time. This form includes the release of liability and is a legal document.
Start Card For Remote Registration Events 20-Jan-2014 The Remote Registration POC needs to send this to potential walkers. It should be completed by the walker and returned to the POC with payment.
Walk Alert Email Sign-Up Sheet 12-Sep-2007 Use this form at any event where there may be people interested in getting on the Walk Alert email list.
Traditional Events
Form Last Updated Instructions Description
Specialties Tally Sheet 01/10/2011 Included in the form. Use this form at any event where specialties are sold. Tally each sale and compute the totals at the end of the day.
Membership Tally Sheet 05/28/2010 Included in the form. Used at the Membership/Specialties table to account for new membership and renewals.
Checkpoint Procedures 11/04/2012   Things to know if you are manning the checkpoint.
Order Before Next Event form 01/28/2014   Have this doc available at all traditional events to list supplies that need to be replenished, the responsible person, etc.
Post Event Accounting Sheet (PEAS) 12/31/2011 Instructions Used to account for all the income from a traditional event and to prepare counts for the participation report required by AVA.
PEAS Practice Exercise 07/24/2012 Sample forms you'll need. An exercise to help you understand the PEAS form.
PEAS Exercise Answer Key 07/24/2012   The "answer key" to the exercise above.
Graphics Last Updated Description
AVA Color Logo 11/12/2019 New AVA logo in color.
AVA Black & White Logo 11/12/2019 New AVA logo in black & white.
AVA Required Block For Brochures 12/03/2019 New AVA required block for brochures.
SWS Logo 12/31/2009 Color, 500 pixels wide.
SWS Logo 10/25/2012 Color, 100 pixels wide.
SWS Logo 08/12/2010 Black & white, 432 pixels wide.
SWS Logo 09/01/2009 Black & white, 130 pixels wide.
Hot Walkin' Nights Logo 05/28/2006 Color, 946 pixels wide
Hot Walkin' Nights Logo 05/31/2006 Color, 350 pixels wide
Hot Walkin' Nights Logo 05/28/2006 Black & white, 874 pixels wide
Hot Walkin' Nights Logo 05/16/2008 Black & white, 350 pixels wide
WWDGraphics.html 02/06/2007 Small, Medium, and Large World Walking Day Graphics in both color and black and white.
Book Club Logo 07/29/2015 Color, 377 pixels wide
Book Club Logo 07/29/2015 Color, 142 pixels wide (used on Calendar of Events)


This section has the links to the legal and quasi-legal documents for the Sacramento Walking Sticks.
SWS Constitution (last revised 04-12-2012)
SWS Bylaws (last revised 04-12-2012)
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