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Volunteer Hall of Fame

Volunteer Hall of Fame

Picture of Gail Samcoff
Gail Samcoff
  • Inducted: September 2010
  • Past President, Treasurer, and Secretary
  • Designed walks in Antelope, Gibson Park, Glenn Hall Park, Swanson Park, and even Calaveras Big Trees
  • Past Editor of the No Sweat Gazette
  • Stick's member since February 1990 and has volunteered many, many times for things not listed here!
  • "The thing I like most about being a Sticks member is the opportunity to meet people of every age who share the enjoyment of walking."

Do you want to help out?

Volunteers are what makes the Sacaramento Walking Sticks go. There are no paid positions within the club, so all the organizing you see is completely, 100% the result of volunteer effort. Do you want to help but feel that you don't have enough experience? Don't worry, there's plenty of help and none of tasks are very difficult - they just take a little time. Contact anyone on the SWS Board with your questions. Please lend a hand by doing any or all from the list below:
  • Attend more events.
  • Invite a friend to come along.
  • Make helping out fun for you and everyone around you.
  • Organize a new event.
  • Help publicize an upcoming event.
  • Answer questions at a health fair.
  • Work the registration table.
  • Be a "Point of Contact" (POC) for a Year Round Event.
  • Run for office on the SWS Board.
  • Help with the website.

More Hall-Of-Famers:

Picture of Steve Hughart  
Steve Hughart  
  • Inducted: February 2010
  • Current treasurer of the SWS Aug 2009-present
  • SWS President July 2006-August 2008
  • SWS Vice-President August 2008-August 2009
  • Created & maintained award winning SWS website since January 2006
  • Took over & maintained CVA website since March 2007
  • Rebuilt & maintained CVA website since April 2009
  • Created & maintained 2007 National AVA Convention website
  • The Compass Editor 2008
  • Was an enormous helper with the 2007 National AVA Convention
  • Has developed numerous event brochures and Compass entries
  • Has helped out at numerous health fairs over the years
  • Has worked at countless start/finish tables
  • Has designed numerous walk routes
  • Helped develop the International Talk Like a Pirate Walk
  • Masterminded the Pi Day Walk
  • Originated the TWITT Walks (Twice-a-Week-Itinerant-Two-Timers)
  • Created the Sticks Step Log
  • Co-created Sticks Bucks with Gale
  • Created the Sticks Walk Stick's Walks books
  • Is known for making up great looking, useful forms that he shares with others
  • Has learned the skill of electronic map making
  • Is known for his skills in documentation
  • Developed the world renowned Member Achievements page on the Sticks website
  • Steve treats his volkssport commitment as though it is a well paying job - his dedication to the sport and to the clubs he belongs to is commendable beyond words. Everyone benefits from his incredible work ethic.
Picture of Gale Hughart Picture of Malinda Moore
Gale Hughart Malinda Moore
  • Inducted: May 2007
  • Produced the Newsletter since April 2006.
  • Created all of the graphics for our website.
  • Updated SWS Logo to the "happy Mr. Stick."
  • Created Mr. Stick, the pirate in 2006.
  • Created numerous brochures and handouts.
  • Has worked many registration tables.
  • Has worked many health fairs.
  • Always willing to help out.
  • SWS Secretary from July 2005 - June 2007
  • Inducted: December 2007
  • Leader of our highly successful 2007 Garage Sale
  • Malinda put in many, many hours on this project.
  • The 2007 Garage Sale produced 40% more $ than 2005's!
Picture of Barbara Nuss Picture of Myrna Jackson
Barbara Nuss Myrna Jackson
  • Inducted: March 2007
  • Current President, California Volkssport Association
  • SWS President, July 2004 - June 2006
  • As President, she helped the club to grow from around 30 members to 150.
  • Creator of Hot Walkin Nights
  • Creator/Organizer of the Redding Extravaganza - 2006
  • Organizer of Hot Walkin Nights 2004 - 2006
  • Worked at too many registration tables to list
  • Has the most welcoming attitude around
  • Inducted: April 2007
  • SWS President, Nov 2002 - Jun 2004
  • SWS President, Nov 1998 - Nov 2000
  • SWS Vice President, Nov 1992 - Nov 1993
  • SWS Treasurer, Jul 2004 - Jun 2006
  • Organizes the highly successful New Year's Events.
  • Has worked way too many registration tables to list.
  • Volunteered her home as the site of the SWS Garage Sales.
  • Point of contact for our Arden YREs.
  • Currently handling our specialties.
  • Heading the effort to standardize the look and feel of our YREs.
  • Always willing to help out.
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